The deeper meaning

What is Kinesiology?

The power of Kinesiology results from the way in which it works with the innate healing intelligence of the body, mind, and spirit. It aids the body in its natural ability to restore balance, and thus heal neurological, biochemical and physiological function. Kinesiology practitioners undertake years of training to be able to access the movement of energy – or what the Chinese call Chi – around the body and brain. The analogy of a bio-computer illustrates rather crudely how it works.

Kinesiology bypasses conscious thinking processes to isolate causal factors in one’s being, whether emotional, psychological, in the subconscious, the body or other levels (emotional/spiritual).  Kinesiology is a non-invasive method, using precision muscle feedback and body awareness that can help you to reduce stress and pain, improve performance at school, work and home, in sports, in relationships, and promotes health and wellbeing.

You can choose to book single OR a series of sessions. This work is for souls who are ready to experience a laser beam of awareness into their life, and the profound release of being moved by who you really are. People who undertake the work experience disappearing the blocks and blind spots in their life that may be consciously or unconsciously holding them back from living a fully self-expressed, passionate and fulfilling life. 




Together we work to unravel the hidden meaning you have put onto your life events and circumstances that have in turn created pain and suffering, the discovery of which can cause immediate and powerful results in many. The integration of many modalities that have existed for decades or even centuries, it is a synthesis and integration of many ‘alternative’, or ‘self-development techniques’, ‘learning enhancement programs’ and other ‘personal development skills. We work with the underlying causes and outcomes of:

Trauma, Shock & Grief:

Accidents, tragedy, grief, unexpected shock, traumatic experiences and more. If these remain unresolved, they can have a significant and lasting effect on your health and your life.

Physical Problems:

Injuries, pain, skin problems, inflammation, headaches, back problems, stomach and digestive distress, reproductive problems or any physical problems that persist.

Emotional Issues:

Stress, anxiety, emotional instability, sadness, feeling fragile, inability to cope, anger, frustration, bullying, overwhelm or just feeling that things aren’t quite “right”.

Psychological Issues:

Depression, anxiety and panic (including panic attacks), insomnia, busy minds and mental chatter, mental confusion, self-esteem and identity issues, negative self-talk and more.

Behavioural Issues:

Anxiety, phobias and phobic behaviour, addiction and dependency, compulsive or destructive behaviours or any other limiting behaviours you would like to change for the better.

Life Challenges:

Relationship breakdowns and divorce, job loss, life direction, financial strain, work issues, home life issues, dealing with family/parents/children or an inability to move forward in life.

Sessions online or in person! 

Angela is based at her Kinesiology clinic near Penrith, Western Sydney. As much as she enjoy’s the power of face to face sessions, deep healing can and does take place also through online sessions, using Skype. Sessions are available by appointment only. For more information please fill out the contact form below.

Save with Packages

Its true! I have seen miraculous results in one session. And as much as I would love to be able to re-set, and re-balance all your blockages, issues and traumas in one session, most of us have had a journey through life with a bit of a shopping list to get to! So my heartfelt recommendation is one of our powerful packages. Reboot and save! 




What People are Saying

“Tried everything with no results? Try Kinesiology!

“If you have something going on in your body, and you have been to everyone to try and get the bottom of it, defiantly try Kinesiology, try working with Angela! It is so effective!


“After seeing Angela I am a different person!”

“If you feel you have been affected by the smoke in the recent fires in Australia, than I strongly advise you book to see Angela. I had the privilege of having a session after having problems with my legs and back. It transpired that I had been affected by the poor air quality which led to my body being compromised. Im so grateful.

Lindy Clifton (Advanced Kinesiologist.)

“I recently shared with a friend of mine, that I wish I could bottle the energy and internal feelings I leave my sessions with to tap into again and again.”

I (along with my husband) cannot thank Angela and Kinesiology enough for all that have enabled me to do in this journey of life and all it continues to throw my way.

– Stef Thom

“The Best Kinesiologist!”

“We have worked with Angela for many years and recently moved to a new area. As much as our new Kinesiologist is wonderful, even my daughter says that Angela is the Best Kinesiologist, and we plan sessions when ever we are back in Sydney.

– Olga

Private Sessions by Appointment Only

“I am passionate about working with people from all walks of life. To empower, uplift, and mentor using the powerful tools of Kinesiology, Iridology, Facial Analysis and so much more.I look forward to hearing from you!”

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