Iridology & Biochemic therapy

What if you could have a heads up to the blueprint of your body?

Our iris is like a blueprint of our generational downloads over time. When we have an iris analysis, we are discovering the indicators of genetic vulnerabilities, dispositions and inherited constitution that may potentiate an environment for various health manifestations. Understanding ourselves, our limitations, strengths and weaknesses is vital information to caring for your constitutional type.

These basic assessments are usually carried out in the first session in person at the clinic, or with the aid of clear, well-lit photographs of your iris as it is possible to achieve a basic analysis online. We combine power of three, connecting iridology, Biochemical Facial Analysis, and a Kineziology session in one for a supercharged experience. We then discover tendencies associated with these types and signs, and accompanying symptoms, ending with possible therapeutic considerations and lifestyle advice that will support the patterns, tendencies, vulnerabilities and potentials seen in the iris and face.

 Facial analysis is an outstanding tool in determining accurately the bodies need for mineral substances at the same time detecting hidden deficits. A tool used in biochemistry according to Dr Schussler in order to optimally identify the necessary mineral needs in a person. In facial analysis the skin condition, colouration, skin structure, and wrinkles, are used as references of the necessity of the biochemical Tissue Salt remedies.



Drug Free Pain Relief

Physiokey 100% drug-free pain relief technology. Designed specifically for health professionals working in the area of pain relief and rehabilitation. Non-Invasive interactive neuro-stimulation technology providing immediate access to easy treatments a full range of injuries and painful conditions. 

Biochemical Facial Analysis

The Power of Biochemical Facial Analysis. A powerful workshop and live demonstration that leaves participants with valuable insights into their own Biochemical makeup, and deficiencies that can be seen in our face.

QuantamBio Health Mat PEMF / Photon

Next Gen Wellness. Heated crystals create far infrared heat, expand capillaries, stimulate blood flow & increases circulation. Regenerates blood cells, eliminates toxins, fat, chemicals, heavy metals, acids, kills pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, rebuilds injured tissues, increases growth of cells, DNA and protien synthesis, strengthens the immune & cardiovascular systems. Stimulates enzyme activity & metabolism by raising body temperature.




Highly recommend Angela.

 We live about an hour away from her so she treats us through distance. I had a sore tail bone which she helped reduce the pain in one treatment and my 1.5 year old had a wet cough for a few months. Doctors were no help and she is dramatically better after one session again though distance.. thank you soooo much.


It enables me to supportively identify areas of concern

“Her ability to read the human body, identify its needs and abilities too overcome and reset the subconscious is extremely settling. “