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Events that inspire 

As a dynamic professional speaker, event co-ordinator and stage manager, Angela has spoken and performed on some of the largest stages in Australia including: The Sydney Opera House, Sydney Town Hall, Cosmic Consciousness Conference Uluru, NSW Palliative Care and Health and Wellness Conferences, workshops, training seminars and meetings. As a seasoned practitioner of over 15 years with over 10,000 hours in session, and over 25 years as a performer Angela has a powerful gift and ability to be with, understand and connect with people.

Angela is available to provide a powerful and engaging speaking experience no matter your event, conference, or training needs, on a variety of subject matters such as:

Funerals / Bedside Harp / Ceremonies

A Therapeutic Harpist specialising in Palliative, End of Life and Funerals. Can include live harp for all events, such as ceremonies, candle lighting, demonstrations and training facilitation for health care provider staff, and personnel. Stories and the journey of playing harp at the bedside of the dying to touch, move and inspire.

Powerful Speaker & Performer

With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry as a solo Flautist, Public Speaker, Wellness Educator, MC, & Workshop Facilitator Angela can provide what ever you need with impact and inspiration.

Inspirational Author

They Sent Me Forth: The Greatest Story Never Told is a book of signs, synchronicities and the call of the ancestors. Angela’s personal journey that takes us from the First and Second Fleet, to the Queen of England, and ancient myth towards reconciliation between her settler ancestors and First Nations people. This story will reignite your hope, fill you with awe, and remind you that magic truly does exists.

Live Kinesiology 

Live Kinesiology Demonstrations, workshops filled with powerfully valuable tools for stress reduction, peace of mind, overcoming mental, physical and emotional blocks. Endless topics and experiences for your audience.

Multi Disciplinary Professional 

Angela combines the power and art of combining Kinesiology, Iridology, Biochemical Analysis, Colour, Sound and so much more. Whether you are seeking a speaker, workshop facilitator for your next event, an event manager, MC, or sacred ceremonial harpist, Angela can touch, move and inspire you clients and collegues. 

Speaking at National and International levels for events, hands on therapeutic / kinesiology workshops for the Compassionate Friends Association (supporting those who have lost children), Kinesiology and Stress Relief Workshops for Carers with the Benevolent Society, White Lady Funerals Ceremonies.

With immense experience in multiple realms of the entertainment, palliative and alternative care industries, Angela has the skill of connecting to her audience with a relaxed intensity, dynamic presence, sensitivity and genuine warm sense of humour.

Angela has educated staff at St Georges Hospital Kogarah teaching how to effectively use music to enhance patient care and manage symptoms. Workshops at Calvary Health Care Kogarah with everything from Drumming, to techniques on how to improve stress and health for carers and those suffering from debilitating or terminal illness.


Previous Events

“Your Harp playing gave me an inner peace I haven’t experienced for a very long time. Thank you Angela.

My dearest Angela, thank you for the time you have taken to share with me your wonderful gift. You have amazing talent as a harpist, but more than that, you are a very beautiful human being who truly cares for others. Your harp playing took me to a calm and peaceful place and gave me an inner peace I have not experienced for a long time. Thank you dear Angela.

The Late & precious – Lesley Hooton.

“An Angel on the Wards.”


“Her ability to read the human body, identify its needs and abilities too overcome and reset the subconscious is extremely settling. “