About Angela

Alchemist of the body, mind, spirit

A Resolve Beyond Neurology practitioner, Angela has expanded into an advanced new realm of Kinesiology.

“After nearly 20 years, and in excess of 10,000++ hours of Kinesiology and Neuro Training client sessions I have become an expert in the ability to gather, see and understand the pieces to the subconscious puzzle that is how people do their life.  

Seeing the patterns and perceptions as to why may be sabotaging yourself and your most abundant life, and inside this discovery guiding people to cause immediate and life altering miracles within the areas of life they most struggle with, and may never have recovered from.”

Author of “Death the Door Music the Key. A Girl, A Harp at the Bedside of the Dying,” and respected pioneer of the cutting-edge work of Therapeutic Music and Sacred Ceremonial Harp work in Australia, Angela has mastered the art of creating sacred space.

Clinical Therapeutic Harpist specializing in Palliative Care, Neuro Linguistic Kinesiologist, Diploma of Neuro Training Kinesiology, Advanced Training Resolve Beyond Neurology Kinesiology, Diploma of Biochemical Facial Analysis, Certificate in Iridology. Angela received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music, and fourth year honors specializing in Ethnomusicology at Western Sydney University. Head Lecturer and course creator of Ethnomusicology for the Excelsior University Sydney, delivering profound results for over 5 years.

Alchemist of the body, mind, spirit axis, connector to the ancestors and lineages, Angela shares and connects you to the gift of endless synchronicity, hope, awe and magic that provides a powerful experience of mystical proportions.

Angela is also excited to be launching her highly anticipated book “They Sent Me Forth” in March 2020 this year! 


Angela is available to provide a powerful and engaging speaking experience no matter your event, conference, or training needs, on a variety of subject matters such as:

Author & Key Note Speaker

“Teaching, speaking, mentor and presenting to large groups is my passion and purpose in this life. It is a great privilege to share in such a way that leaves any room touched, moved and inspired. I am so excited to share my soon to be launched book, and greatest story never told. Get ready for a journey into the modern day mystical.”


Advanced Kinesiologist & Mentor 

“The Power of Kinesiology touches every area of my life. I am blessed to have been guided to this journey of serving over 5,000 clients, over 15 ++ years, and thousands of hours. It is my greatest honour and privilege to walk beside so many brave souls, witnessing profound pain, transform into profound peace.”


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Highly recommend Angela.

 We live about an hour away from her so she treats us through distance. I had a sore tail bone which she helped reduce the pain in one treatment and my 1.5 year old had a wet cough for a few months. Doctors were no help and she is dramatically better after one session again though distance.. thank you soooo much.

– Sarah B 

“I wish I could bottle the energy and internal feelings I leave my sessions with to tap into again and again.”

“Angela’s ability to read the human body, identify its needs, and enhance it’s abilities too overcome and reset the subconscious is extremely settling, and life transforming. “

– Stef Thom

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