“It is time to go beyond neurology, beyond genetics and beyond technique to truly resolve trauma…”

– V Walters

With 18 years experience in alternative health, I have gained invaluable knowledge, clinical experience and education in the area of Kinesiology and its evolution to Neuro Training and Resolve Beyond Neurology.

My mission is to activate hearts, restore hope and unleash the magic of human potential. My passion is working with unresolved trauma and the way it changes our physical structure, biochemical function, emotional stability and psychological health and wellbeing.

Until resolved, these changes remain and we end up with more symptoms, sickness and disease. However, once resolved we can move beyond these life-changing consequences and back into the world of living.

I assist YOU to get to the core of what it is that is limiting YOU, what you are dealing with, and why it may be preventing you from achieving your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Suitable for anyone of any age or walk of life, my work is beneficial to uncover the underlying causes of the symptoms you may be dealing with.  When you decide to work with me you will begin a powerful journey to unlock the potential of your human blueprint and DNA that can be suppressed by trauma, fear and ill health.

We retrain your neurology and nervous system to activate and support major expansion, release trauma and outdated belief systems so that you may experience greater adaptability and transformation.  

We re-train your nervous system and Flight, Fight mechanism to respond differently to stress, unleashing your potential. Anyone at any age has the potential to benefit from this work that has been honed, practiced and fine-tuned over 10,000 ++ hours of client sessions.

We dive deep into the subconscious patterns hidden within the nervous system to find the underlying causes of suffering, unsupportive habits  and physical pain to experience the freedom of expression. I am uniquely trained to utilise tools to help you find relief, experience and unlock suppressed or latent abilities so that you may live out your most powerful message to the world or just find inner peace. Great for discovering the underlying causes of learning difficulties, emotional issues, and more! 


an evolution…

Are you tired of simply managing your symptoms? Have you been searching for a transformation that goes beyond techniques and strategies?

Look no further than Resolve Beyond Neurology – the revolutionary approach that will help you break free from the limitations of your past experiences and unleash your true potential.

Imagine being truly liberated and able to express yourself fully, without the weight of your past holding you back.

This life-changing opportunity is available now, so why wait?

Book your appointment with me today and discover the power of Resolve Beyond Neurology for yourself!


Angela incorporates vibration, sound and colour to bio hack your genetics, patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are the invisible matrix that can be the difference between a life of limitation and frustration or exponential freedom, magic and potential.

With over 10 years, and thousands of hours of Palliative Therapeutic Harp bedside experience, Angela’s ability to support clients struggling with stress or trauma of all kinds is highly developed.

Angela provides opportunity to change for those who feel that they have “tried everything” and not improved, taking a co-creative approach focusing on how you can participate in your healing journey to support the work done in clinic, empowering the change, process and outcome.

With a Diploma of Clinical Science of Biochemical Therapy, and Certificate in Iridology, Angela combines Kinesiology, Biochemical Facial and Iris Analysis and almost 20 years experience seeing patterns in human behaviour and symptomology, to provide a truly balanced and holistic discovery of your body, mind and spirit.

Facial analysis is an excellent option in determining mineral deficiency quickly and accurately.


What if you could have a heads up to the blueprint of your body? Its strengths and weaknesses? Potentials and tendencies?

Our iris is like a blueprint of our generational downloads over time. When we have an iris analysis, we are discovering the indicators of genetic vulnerabilities, dispositions and inherited constitution that may potentiate an environment for various health manifestations.

Understanding ourselves, our limitations, strengths and weaknesses is vital information to caring for your constitutional type.

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